Installing TrialWizard

  • De-install the current version of ‘TrialWizard’ on your computer, using the common Windows methods.
  • Download the latest version of TrialWizard, using the link you received by email.
  • Click on the downloaded installer SetupTrialWizard***.msi
  • Select “Run” and follow instructions (next, next, next, close)
  • Start TrialWizard, e.g. using the shortcut on your desktop
  • The first time on a new computer, TrialWizard will show a request code. Send that code to
  • You will receive a license code back by e-mail. Start TrialWizard again, and enter the license code with copy/paste.
  • Now all should work fine. If not, please inform

Here you can open the most recent Manual of TrialWizard (PDF)